The Importance of Home Cleaning

Having a clean home is very important. A well-kept home not only speaks unspoken words to your guests when they are in your home but it also feels good. When you come how from work and you see everything is clean, or when you wake up on the weekend and don’t have to clean as everything is already clean. It’s a good feeling!

Why You Should Keep a Clean Home?

A lot of people find it difficult to keep a clean home due to busy work schedules and families to run. But a home should still be kept clean. The last thing you want to have is some infestation in your home as you left it dirty.

Regular cleaning will ensure that you will have an odour free home that you can look forward to living in. And your family. Although it does take quite a lot of energy to clean a home if you have a busy work schedule it’s something that really does need to be prioritised.

As without a regular cleaning schedule, a house can start to see wear and tear and over time damage that is not very nice to look at. Things like stains that are not cleaned get worse over time and might never come out. Dust that is not vacuumed up can end up causing dust mites. And even worse breathing in dust is very bad for your health.

So it is very important to keep a clean home not only for the feel-good factor but also for health reasons.

How to Keep a Home Clean – Scheduling

It’s not hard to keep a clean home it just comes down to a regular cleaning schedule. On their site, they have some blog posts that talk about keeping a regular cleaning schedule and that less cleaning is more and is in the best method overall. If you can just do a little cleaning every day then you will have a clean home overall that will not need a huge cleaning session on the weekend. That that is what is meant bu less is more. A little cleaning a day is the perfect routine for cleaning.

How Often Should You Clean?

This really depends on the size of the home you live in and the amount of foot traffic that home gets. For example, a couple who is pretty much only home before work and after work on weekdays and out all weekend is going to need much less cleaning than a family of five who has 3 kids with two not being in school yet making a mess at home.

As a rough guide, the following is a good starting point based on a weekly schedule if you don’t opt to do a little cleaning each day instead of weekly cleaning.

Apartment Cleaning

  • Bachelors can clean every 10 days
  • Couples living together can clean once per week

House Cleaning

  • A small house with 2 people living there should be cleaned twice per week
  • A family living in a medium-sized home needs cleaning three times per week
  • A family living in a large home needs daily cleaning

This might be a hard schedule to keep so if you can’t keep this schedule it’s best to hire a cleaning company to come in and do the work.

Having a cleaning home is good for your health and it also provides a calm and tranquil environment to live in. No one wants to be living in a home where they always have to think about how they should be cleaning as that gets on your nerves. It’s better to just get the cleaning done and be over and done with it!

If you don’t get your cleaning done. Be it with a professional cleaning company or by yourself you will let dust, dirt and germs build up. And the worst-case scenario is that you will actually get sick from living in a dirty home.