Cleaning Sand in your Home and Keeping it Out!

Who doesn’t love going to the beach for a relaxing day?

It’s a great way to relax and recharge the batteries after a look and hard work week. But one thing that is not fun is cleaning up all the sand that ends up getting tracked into your home after you come back from the beach. Today we have something special for you with some easy tips that you can follow to keep your home clean after a fun and eventful day at the beach.

The Shower is your Friend!

Before you even think about getting back in the car make sure you get everyone to take a shower at the beach. Most beaches have outdoor showers or proper facilities with change rooms and lockers.

Then before you get in the car make sure you get all the sand out of any towels. Just like you would freshen up a mattress, do the same with the towel and you will get rid of all the sand that was hiding.

Clean Your Sandy Feet

While showering at the beach might get rid of most of the sand you will always find leftover sand. Most of the time it’s in odd places like the back of your ankles. A good way to get rid of any final sand is to keep a tub of water by your front door. Set this up before you head out to the beach and when everyone gets home get them to wash off their feet before going back into the house.

Keep Shoes Outside

The good thing about going to the beach is that you are not going to need your regular shoes. Flip flops will do and flip-flops can happily live outside and never enter your home.

If you walk inside with shoes that are covered with sand you will track sand into every last corner of your home. But if you only use a dedicate pair of flip-flops that never go inside your home you won’t get any sand inside. Easy, right?

Shower ASAP When Home

As soon as everyone is home get them to shower right away. There should be no sitting on the couch and checking the phone or going on the family computer first.

The first job everyone one has is to shower up. As just like your feet. There is always extra sand that will stay stuck to your body and find its way into your home if you don’t shower up as soon as you get home.

Spot Check and Clean the Sand

Once everyone is showered up grab your broom or vacuum you keep at home and go sand hunting. Give the bathrooms a quick sweep or vacuum and also check by the front door. Cleaning up any sand you can. Even if it’s not much sand please remember that sand will get stuck to your feer and then be tracked all around the house so every last grain of sand matters!

If you follow these steps you should easily be able to keep a clean home after going to the beach and not have to worry about sand getting all over the place.