Carpet Cleaning Myths Exposed!

A great way to help bring more of a ‘spark’ into your home is with clean carpets. If you don’t look after your carpet the rest of your home could potentially be spotless but it will still have a somewhat dull felling if carpets look old and dirty.

Clean carpets also increase the value of your home. No, not money wise, although it does, we are talking value in the sense that the occupants of the home, being you, fell good about being in the home. Just take a look at the photo below and you can see how much of an impact deep steam cleaning can have on the carpet.


When it comes to carpet cleaning there is so much miss-information out there so no wonder homeowners are confused about what they need to keep care of their carpets. As Myth Busters says, time to bust that myth!

High Powered Carpet Cleaning Machines are Bad for Carpets.

Nonsense! This is without a shadow of a doubt false.

But where did this myth come from? It came from people hiring carpet cleaning machines and not knowing how to use them properly. Just like any piece of machinery if used incorrectly it can cause damage. If an untrained person simply hires a carpet cleaning machine that should be operated only after the specific train is completed then there is a good chance that person will ruin their carpets.

The solution? Hire a professional carpet cleaning company to get the job done.

When a trained professional operates commercial carpet cleaning equipment in your home to clean your carpets you can sit back and relax. A professional will not only know what machine to use on your carpets so they are cleaned properly but they will also know what method to use to clean your carpets as each machine can be used in a variety of different ways.

If you want undamaged carpets that get professionally cleaning hire the pros and don’t do a DIY job.

Carpet Cleaning Is Only Needed for Stains

And to add to the title of this section people also believe that cleaning your carpet professionally will destroy its original look.

Not the case at all. For both!

This might have had some truth way back in the day when carpet cleaning machines were first starting out with the harsh chemicals they used and this is likely where the rumour started. But as technology has improved for machines and chemical so the ability to not damage a carpet and keep its original look.

These days while a carpet cleaning machine might be a very powerful piece of equipment it does a good job of gently cleaning the carpet fibres and leaving the originally look at fell of your carpet intact.

If anything it’s actually quite important to clean your carpets professionally on a regular basis. If you are a home owner this should take place about two times per year with a professional carpet cleaning service if you want to preserve your carpets for the long run.

If you want to read a more on carpet cleaning then carpet cleaning guide is very detailed.

Carpet Cleaning Attracts Mold

This is a myth that is easy to believe as some carpet cleaning processes are done in a wet manner buy cleaning the carpet in a similar way a washing machine cleans clothes. And then that leaves one to wonder how the carpet drys and if it doesn’t then mold can build up.

But this is not the case.

What is the truth? Well, carpet cleaning can actually promote mold growth if, and only if, the carpet is not dried out properly. You shouldn’t have this problem when hiring a professional firm to clean your carpets.

If you use a dry carpet cleaning method this is not a problem at all. If a wet method uses the carpet cleaning machines of the 21st century are quite sophisticated and they actually suck out a lot of the excess moisture anyhow.

But the be 100% safe and ensure you don’t get any mold build up all the windows in your home should be opened for at least three hours after the carpet is professional cleaning and in that time the carpet shouldn’t be walked on either.